E014 Design Portfolios with Martijn Van den Broeck

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In this episode, we chat with Martijn Van den Broeck, author of the Unofficial Design Portfolio Handbook, about putting our work out there, personal branding, and how helping others is as effective as portfolios in creating opportunities.

We talk about Martijn’s journey into design and his experience as a student at Umea institute of Design in Sweden.

Martijn tells us how he got started writing about Design Portfolios and how his Medium articles on this topic got him onto IDEO’s radar.

He shares how sharing your journey and your imperfect work can be a wonderful way to showcase your authenticity and create opportunities for meaningful work.

He talks about his Internship opportunities at IDEO and Google.

He also shares some practical advice for designers and students who are working on their portfolios.

Martijn on Twitter:

Martijn’s portfolio and his handbook can be found here:

Umea Institute of Design:


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