E018 Type Around Us – Interview with Pooja Saxena

In this episode, we talk to Pooja Saxena – A typeface designer who has worked with all kinds of scripts, and also works on collaborative type projects in public spaces.

Listen here:

Pooja talks about what brought her back to India after finishing her Master’s in Typeface Design in the UK and why she enjoys working in India and working from home.
She takes us behind the scenes into the depths of the Type Design Process. Having worked on Indic scripts like the Ol Chiki project, Farsan (A Gujarati Typeface), and Devanagari, as well as English fonts, she gives us a perspective of how a type designer looks at letters.
We talk about self-initiated side projects and discuss the importance of collaboration and community in engaging with design and type in particular through fun projects in public spaces.
In particular, we talk about her projects like Typerventions and Type Walks which help both designers and non-designers engage with type and even language and history in a meaningful, collaborative way.
We talk about what it takes to keep personal passion projects going and how to learn to let go and move on to the next happy distraction.
Pooja shares how her love for reading has helped shape her as a well-rounded designer.
Pooja’s Type and Lettering studio:
Pooja’s blog:
Kriti Monga:
Typeface Design course at University of Reading:
Braille Converter project:
Pictures from Haus Khas Typervention:
Pictures from Bangalore Typervention:

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